The TableReader class can be used to retrieve the content of SAP tables conveniently. To get a TableReader object, call the GetTableReader method of the Session object.

See Reading database tables for a detailed description on how to use this object. This object was introduced with RfcConnector 2.0


Name Type Description
Session Session Session which is used to retrieve table contents
Table string Name of the table which is being read
Query StringList (optional) WHERE clause. This can be used to determine which rows are being read
Fields StringList (optional) This field can be used to determine which columns are being read. If there are no entries in the Fields property, all columns will be read.
Rows RfcRows After a successful call to Read(), this property will contain the database rows
Error boolean TRUE if there was an error while executing the last Read() command
ErrorInfo ErrorInfo contains additional info about an error (only valid when Error is TRUE)


Method Read

Parameter Type Description
count long number of rows to read (0=no limit, fetch all rows)
startAt long number of rows to skip (0 or 1=no skip, start with first line; x = start with line nr. x)

Reads a number of rows from the server.