Single Sign On (SSO)

RFC Connector can connect without User/Password using credentials provided by the operating system or SSO library, retrieve SAP SSO2 tickets via RFC, and use them to authenticate against an SAP backend using RFC or BSP.

Recommended reading about Single Sign On:

Access to SAP Notes requires a SAP customer ID.

Log on without user and password

When Single Sign On is properly deployed and configured, you can simply call session.Connect() without setting LogonData.Password.

You might need to set LogonData.Client and LogonData.User, if the identity provided by the SSO library (e.g. Windows user) is assigned to multiple SAP users and/or clients.

Working with SSO Tickets

To retrieve a SSO2 ticket, add GETSSO2=1 to the connection string:

Dim session As new RfcSession, ticket As String

session.RfcSystemData.ConnectString = "... GETSSO2=1"

ticket = sess.GetSSO2Ticket()

To use an existing SAPSSO2 cookie to authenticate, just set the SSO2Ticket property of the LogonData object:

session.LogonData.SSO2Ticket = ticket