This object represents a session using the SAP RFC protocol, and implements all methods and properties of Session.

Note: RfcSession uses the classic RFC SDK, which is not supported any more. It is strongly recommended to use NWRfcSession instead.

Note: To use RfcSession, you must have the Unicode RFC library (librfc32u.dll) in the DLL search path. The necessary DLLs are NOT included with RFC Connector, since they are copyrighted by SAP.

They are, however, included with SAP GUI up to 7.40, they can also be downloaded and installed manually. For further information, please refer to Knowledge Base Entry #0009.


Name Type Description
RfcSystemData RfcSystemData connection data for this session


Method GetSSO2Ticket

Parameter Type Description
Return Value string the MYSAPSSO2 ticket, which can be used with BSPApplication objects

Retrieves an SSO2 ticket from the SAP system