Here you can download the latest release of Rfc Connector, as well as help files, older (archived) releases and sample code.

icon Rfc Connector Setup RfcConnector-3.0.4.msi | 1.9 MB | Date: 2020-01-16

Contains the runtime, documentation and demo/example files.
For evaluation purposes, the complete product can be used without a license key for up to 30 days.

Release Notes
Older versions of this file

icon Rfc Connector Help File RfcConnector-2.0.10.chm | 166.5 KB | 2014-06-13

Contains the (legacy) help file (in .chm format) as separate download

Note: The up-to-date documentation is available online now. The .chm help file is only provided for historical reference and will not be updated further.