Abstract class representing a connection to the SAP system. An instance of Session cannot be created directly, instead you create an instance of NWRfcSession, SoapSession or RfcSession (see examples).


Name Type Description
CallActive bool True if there is an asynchronous call currently running
Error bool True if error occured
Note: This property is cleared after reading, e.g. the second call always returns False
ErrorInfo RfcError This property contains extended error information
IsConnected bool True if currently connected to SAP system
LicenseData LicenseData Allows you to set the license data programmatically (instead of using Registry keys)
LogonData LogonData Use this property to specify logon data, such as client, user and language
Option Option Allows you to set and retrieve additional options, such as trace file location
SessionType string Evaluates to RFC or SOAP, depending on the session type
SystemID string ID (e.g. "T01") of the SAP system you are connecting to
TypeCache TypeCache The TypeCache of this session (this property can be used to share type information between two sessions)


Method AbortCall

Abort currently running asynchronous call

Method About

Show information about RFC Connector

Method CallFunction

Parameter Type Description
call FunctionCall the call to execute
synchronous bool Call a function module

This function allows you to call a function module

Method ChangePassword

Parameter Type Description
newPass string new password for user

Change the user's password

Method CheckPasswordExpired

Parameter Type Description
Return Value bool True if user must change his password

Checks whether the user must change his password

Method Connect

Connect to SAP system

Method CreateCall

Parameter Type Description
Return Value FunctionCall new FunctionCall object

Create a new FunctionCall

Method CreateType

Parameter Type Description
Return Value RfcType new RfcType object

Create a new RfcType

Method Disconnect

Disconnect from System

Method ImportCall

Parameter Type Description
moduleName string
ignoreUnsupportedParams bool
Return Value FunctionCall Function call definition

New with Rfc Connector 2.0. This function will import the whole function module definition from the backend, eliminating the need to specify parameters manually

Method ImportType

Parameter Type Description
type string name of the type to import
Return Value RfcType the imported type

This function is deprecated in Rfc Connector 2. Please change your code to use ImportCall() instead of defining module definitions manually.


Event: CallFinished

This event is fired when an asynchronous call has returned from the system