Installing Rfc Connector

To install Rfc Connector, just run the installer, which can be obtained from the Download page. The installer will install Rfc Connector to Program Files (x86)\Rfc Connector and register the DLL with COM.

Optional: Obtaining a license key

To evaluate Rfc Connector without the „nag screen“, you can get a free evaluation key from the Order page. The evaluation key is valid for 90 days and allows you to test Rfc Connector thoroughly.

For production use, please buy a permanent license through the Order page.

Optional: Obtaining and installing the RFC library from SAP

Depending on the session type you are using, you may need to download an RFC library from SAP. For legal reasons, we cannot distribute it along with Rfc Connector.

  • For SOAPSession, you do not need any additional software
  • For NWRfcSession, you need either SAP GUI 7.50 or later, or the Netweaver RFC SDK, which can be downloaded from the SAP service marketplace
  • for RfcSession, you need either SAP GUI 7.40 or earlier, or the Classic RFC SDK, which can be downloaded from the SAP service marketplace. Note that the Classic RFC SDK is not supported any more by SAP; if possible, you should therefore upgrade to NWRfcSession.

To find out more about the different session types, see „Concepts“.

After you have installed Rfc Connector and RFC library (if necessary), proceed to Project Setup.