This object represents a single function call.


Name Type Description
Function string name of the function module, e.g. RFC_PING
Importing RfcParameter [] importing parameters of function module
Exporting RfcParameter [] exporting parameters
Changing RfcParameter [] changing parameters
Tables RfcParameter [] table parameters


Method ToXML

Parameter Type Description
Return Value string XML representation of the function prototype

returns a XML representation of the function prototype.

This can be used to persist function definitions, or for debugging purposes. Note that only the prototype will be persisted, but not the actual parameter values.

This method was introduced with RfcConnector 2.0

Method FromXML

Parameter Type Description
xml string XML representation of prototype

loads a function prototype created with FunctionCall.ToXML() from a string.

This can be used to reuse an already persisted function definition without having to re-import it from the SAP backend.
Note that this function must only be called on unused FunctionCall objects, e.g. you may not "reuse" these objects.

This method was introduced with RfcConnector 2.0

Method RaiseException

Parameter Type Description
exception string exception code
message string (optional) message (200 characters max.)

This method can be used to raise an exception. This does only make sense in response to the FunctionCall event of the RfcServer object, and will be ignored in all other cases.

To raise an exception, call this method with the name of the exception and optionally an explanatory message.

For details, please refer to the documentation of the IncomingCall-Event.