Connection data for HTTP connection (SOAP, BSP).

Note that some parameters (SoapEndpoint, Stateful) only apply to SoapSession, and are ignored by BSPApplication.


Name Type Description
Protocol string Protocol to use, either HTTP or HTTPS. Defaults to HTTP
Host string full qualified hostname of the SAP System, e.g.
Port integer port the SOAP/HTTP server listens to (this is typically 8000+SYSNR, but may be changed by SAP admin)
SoapEndpoint string Path to the SOAP service on the SAP server as defined in SICF. Under normal circumstances, there should be no need to change the default value "sap/bc/soap/rfc"
Timeout integer Timeout (in milliseconds) for the HTTP request. Default is 60.000 (1 minute)
ProxyHost string full qualified hostname of the proxy, if necessary
ProxyPort integer port of the proxy
ProxyUser string user for the proxy, if necessary
ProxyPassword string password for the proxy
Stateful bool If set to true, the SAP server is told to keep its state between SOAP requests. Default is false.
Note: this property has no effect on BSP applications (in BSP, statefulness is defined by the application, not the client)