The Netweaver RFC library is distributed along with SAP GUI 7.50 and later, and can also be obtained as a standalone download from the SAP marketplace. It consists of the following files:

  • sapnwrfc.dll
  • icudt34.dll
  • icuin34.dll
  • icuuc34.dll
  • libicudecnumber.dll
  • libsapucum.dll

If you install SAPGUI 7.50 or later, there are no additional steps to take. If using the standalone download from the link above, you must either

  1. add the location of the lib folder to the Path environment variable, as described in the SCN link or

  2. set the Rfc Connector option nwrfc.path to the path where you extracted the lib folder from the .sar archive, as shown in the example below:

// create a session instance
NWRfcSession session = new NWRfcSession();
session.Option["nwrfc.path"] = "C:\path\to\nwrfcfolder\lib\";

// set up system and logon data (omitted)
// ...