Windows Service hangs or ASP.NET page loads forever (with Rfc Connector Evaluation)


You have written an Rfc Server or Rfc Client or an ASP.NET page using the Evaluation version of Rfc Connector. Instead of working as expected, the service hangs or the ASP.NET page does not load.


When there is no evaluation or license key set, Rfc Connector will show a popup to remind you to get a license. Since services and ASP.NET pages cannot display windows, the service appears to hang or the page will not load.


Before deploying a service or ASP.NET page, a valid evaluation or license key must be set. An evaluation key can be obtained at no cost via our order page. After obtaining a valid license key, set it at the session or server object:

 session.LicenseData.Owner = "(unregistered DEMO version)"
 session.LicenseData.key = "1EX4839S13W620TBRZ44NRE4ALBCVJH"

Note: The license key shown above is just an example and no longer valid.