RFC - as easy as 1-2-3

Rfc Connector is an easy-to-use library which enables your applications to send and receive SAP RFC function calls and extract data from SAP tables. It supports almost all languages and platforms on Windows, including C, C++, C#, Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET.

fn = session.ImportCall("BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST")
fn.Importing("AIRLINE").value = "LH"


For Each row In fn.Tables("FLIGHT_LIST").Rows
' do something with the result

Data Extraction

With Rfc Connector's TableReader component, it is very easy to extract data from SAP tables. You can either transmit whole tables or just selected rows and columns, thus minimizing memory and network footprint.

Example: Import SAP table into Excel | Example: Reading SAP Tables with Visual Basic

RFC Server

Rfc Connector can work both as RFC Client and registered RFC Server.

Through the RFC Server feature it is possible to write applications which receive events from the SAP system and process them further (for example, receiving IDOCs or other data from SAP).

Full SAP GUI Support

Rfc Connector allows you to show SAP GUI dialogs in your application, either as a popup or as a fullscreen GUI application. Instead of wasting time by rewriting existing SAP dialogs, you can simply re-use them

Web Dynpro and BSP

Rfc Connector features an unique web application container, which allows you to host Business Server Pages (BSP) and Web Dynpro screens in your own application, and even receive return values from there.

Click here for the web application container sample

Features at a glance

call function modules with RFC call function modules with SOAP
retrieve data from SAP tables Single Sign On (SSO) support
supports transactional RFC (tRFC) Web Application Container
Full SAP GUI support Supports ABAP and Visual Studio Debugging
Solid, proven software Compatible with most programming languages
Multithreaded server and client Free support by e-mail
Consulting services available
1. Simple RFC Calls 2. Data Extraction 3. RFC Server 4. GUI Functions 5. Features at a glance


With its easy to understand API and its advanced features, Rfc Connector can save you a lot of development time.

Click here to learn more about the many features and functions Rfc Connector has to offer.



Want to see Rfc Connector in action?

Then have a look at our example gallery, which shows how to use RfcSession, TableReader, RfcServer and others.



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