Calling Web Applications

When deploying web-based applications to end users, developers typically have to cope with the following limitations:

  • users navigating away by closing the browser, using the back button or entering something into the address bar
  • additional login forms where users must enter their username and password, even if they are already logged on to the back-end
  • no way to close the browser window programmatically without an additional popup
  • no easy method of returning values from the web service to the calling applications

The built-in web application support of Rfc Connector solves all this, and it is easy to use:

 ' Define server address, user and password for the web application
 Dim bsp As New BSPApplication
 bsp.HttpSystemData.Host = "myhost"
 bsp.HttpSystemData.Port = "myport"
 bsp.LogonData.Client = "000"
 bsp.LogonData.User = "myuser"
 bsp.LogonData.Password = "mypassword"
 bsp.LogonData.Language = "en"
 ' define the window properties (size, position and title)
 bsp.Window.Left = 100
 bsp.Window.Top = 100
 bsp.Window.Height = 800
 bsp.Window.Width = 600
 bsp.Window.Title = "My BSP Window"
 ' display a warning when user is about to close the window
 bsp.Window.CloseWarning = "Do you really want to close \
                                 this window?" & vbCrLf \
                                  & "Data loss may occur"
 ' call the application
 bsp.ShowApplication "/sap/bc/bsp/zwebapp/default.htm", exitPage